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Eat Healthy, Eat Local

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Save Time, Save Money
  • Quickly compare prices.

  • Bookmark your favorite farms and items.

  • Avoid middle-man markups charged by conventional grocery stores.

View Certifications
  • View farms' certifications neatly displayed in four categories: crowd support, quality, ecosystem sustainability, and cooperative management.

  • The aggregate score displayed by color code in the hurricane flower symbol shows the combined result of all of a vendor's certifications.

Boost the Local Economy
  • Spend your money directly on local harvests and artisan goods. You don't have to be a prepper or survivalist to be a supportive local citizen.

  • Buy from people dedicated to their craft.

  • Huge multinational corporations have an incentive to cut costs to increase profits. Many local producers are committed to quality.

Get Transparent Data
  • See all the deals in one place.

  • Fraudulent fake reviews are common in modern online shopping. We're working on a verified transaction tool to display authentic reviews.

  • Some farm stands get their produce straight from corporate distributors. We're improving financial tracking and supply chain transparency to see through the trickery.


Start shopping online for the best produce deals from local farms.

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Make a quick stop to pick up the prepaid food at the farmers' market.


Enjoy good, healthy food that's free of toxic pesticides and preservatives.


Save your favorite items and do easy price comparisons for future orders.

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Contact Us:
Text (919) 247-5542 or email

We list and certify clean foods for budget-conscious businesses who are ready to go beyond organic in the Raleigh-Durham, Pittsboro, and Chapel Hill areas of central North Carolina, USA.
The Cropify directory makes it simple and easy for health and nutrition enthusiasts to discover pesticide-less foods, drinks, and topical products in NC's Piedmont region with access to certification info.
Cropify makes it easy to have a healthy lifestyle